This website hosts recordings of the infrequent Athena Audio Theater live radio performances and recordings of the weekly Athena Audio Book radio show and podcast. 

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Athena Theater Performance

The Athena Theater Company on the Air presented radio plays and music on WHUS radio Saturday, January 9th, 2010.  

Show recordings are available in the Recordings section.

Featured in the cast were:

Alex Brennan

Andrew McMullan

Brendan McMullan

Carla Tarin

Colin McMullan

Emmett McMullan

Jason McMullan

Laura DiCarlo

Seamus McMullan



Jess Dudek-Viens was scheduled to perform but unfortunately was too sick to go on.  She wrote the Therapy Session!



In order of broadcast we presented:

  1. The Cat Story.  An adapted story written by Emmett.  Starring Emmett, Seamus, and Andrew.
  2. The Therapy Session.  A play written by Jess.  Performed by Andrew and Brendan. 
  3. A music interlude written and performed by Laura.
  4. The 50 Pound Cereal Box!  A play written by Brendan, Andrew, and Seamus. performed by the cast. 
  5. Freight Train and If I Had a Hammer.  Performed by Seamus, Colin, Brendan, Laura, and the cast.
  6. Curious Finds.  Written and performed by Seamus, Emmett, and Alex.
  7. A music interlude performed by Colin.
  8. The Adventures of Phillip Mckay.  A play written by Jason, performed by the cast.
  9. Barrett's Privateers.  A song performed by the McMullan boys.
  10. The Mullein Boys Detective Agency.  A play written by Colin, performed by the cast.
  11. Accordion medley performed by Brendan.
  12. Banjo Medley performed by Seamus.
  13. Blood Red Wine.  A song written by Seamus and performed with the help of Brendan.
  14. Clay Pigeons.  A song performed by Brendan and Seamus.