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The Great God Pan by Arthur Machen

Tonight on the book show the conclusion of this grim story from Arthur Machen.  A strange and somewhat scattered story of a hidden reality that lies superimposed on our own.  

Our blissful ignorance of this hidden world, caused by our inability to perceive it, is the only thing that protects us from that which dwells beyond the veil.  The preceding is the central conceit of the story, and it is a fine one for this type of genre fiction.  Machen seems here to be a man ahead of his time.  As much as he manages to skirt around the more grisly and tawdry elements of the story, he still drew a great deal of criticism for the themes and ideas expressed in the work.  You can find in machens words, in the atmosphere he creates, in the slow revelation of a hideous reality, many influences on modern horror.  

His influence on H.P. Lovecraft is difficult to overstate, and in particular this story connects directly to The Dunwich Horror by Lovecraft.  This is recommend reading, and will hopefully appear on the book show eventually.   

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